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                          ***Due to COVID-19 our upcoming Spring Concert: The Seeds We’ve Sown, is currently put on pause.  Once we have a better idea of when we can get together again, we will let everyone know its reschedule date.  Thank you for your patience with us!  New Student Auditions will also be done both virtually (via Video Submission) and In person towards the end of the Summer.  More details to come later!***

                          The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus stands in unity, support, and care of all the children entrusted to us. We believe that Black Lives Matter and stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters for justice and equity. KCC is committed to listening to the stories of the black community, educating ourselves on our bias, speaking up against racism and helping to bring inclusion and equity to our community through the power of music. 

                          We pledge to program music that will celebrate the history of our black and brown children and to educate ourselves and our choirs on the significant impact the culture has made. 

                          We pledge to seek learning opportunities for our staff to better our understanding of the issues at hand in order for us to be greater educators to our students and advocates for our children of color. 

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                          Through music and singing, we can share our common humanity and in so doing transform our community, our state, our country and our world into one where black lives are embraced for their beauty and significance. 

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                          After a several months long national search, the Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus is excited to announce that Taylor Gudbrandson has been named the new Artistic/Executive director.

                          Mrs. Gudbrandson is the Director of Choirs at Otsego Public Schools where she was recognized by her peers as Educator of the Year in 2023.  Her public school choirs have  participated in the Michigan School Vocal Music choral and ensemble festivals with great success.  She is also the current director of the Bella Voce Choir of The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus. A graduate of Central Michigan University, Mrs Gudbrandson studied vocal music education with a choral focus. She brings a well-rounded skill set being both a strong conductor and a passionate advocate for children’s choruses.  She is an alumni to the program itself and brings in many new and exciting ideas!

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                          She assumes the role of Artistic/Executive Director in July following the retirement of long time Artistic/Executive Director Fred Sang. 

                          Once again, Congratulations to Taylor Gudbrandson, we cannot wait to work with you in this new capacity and see the direction you take us in!


                          SINGING FOR JOY – A GIFT TO LAST A LIFETIME

                          Your child will embark on a lifelong adventure in singing as a member of the nationally renowned Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus.  The adventure starts with the audition and even though group auditions are over, your child can still sing! Schedule a private audition with current KCC Artistic Director, Fred Sang at and open the door to opportunity in the Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus!


                          The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus’ mission is to provide an opportunity for children to learn and perform in an atmosphere of artistic excellence, and by so doing, enrich the artistic life of the community.

                          This year we also have two free neighbor choirs available for any child meeting the criteria. We would love to have your child get involved!

                          • Eastside Choir membership is open to children living on the east side of Kalamazoo in the neighborhoods of Eastside, Eastwood, Comstock and communities along Gull Road.  Children must be between the ages of 8 and 12 in September to participate in this choir. For more information, click here.


                          • Coro de Niños is an after school program at El Sol Elementary in Kalamazoo for children in 3-5 grades.  Formación de un coro en español en la escuela Primiria El Sol para alumnos de 3 a 5 grados.  For more information on Coro de Niños, click here. Para obtener más información sobre Coro de Niños, haga clic aquí.

                          If you still have questions about enrolling your child in one of these two choirs, please email us at or call 269-547-7183 on Tuesday during regular office hours.

                          Read more about KCC.



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                            • Covid-19 & KCC
                            • KCC New Student Auditions
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                            -- NPR segment about KCC
                            -- Frobisher Bay - Touring Choir
                            -- Inscription of Hope - Bella Voce
                            -- I Am His Child - Treble Choir
                            -- Path to the Moon - Prep Choir
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